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Ace Racer Tier List Updated Guide & Tips

Ace Racer Tier List August 2023: Ace Racer is an online racing game developed by NetEase Games. It’s available for IOS and Android devices also you can play it on a PC. It has different tracks and amazing cars. The game includes the most realistic physics engine available. Practice mode is available for players to compete against each other online, and you can even play ranked matches against others.

The game offers you a unique experience. You will need to think strategically while you play the game. You will need to use your vehicle to get into other cars. Here you can check the full Tier List for February 2023 (Updated). So let’s start the full guide of Best Car in the Ace Racer game.

Types of Car Roles in Ace Racer:

  • Speedster – He’s one of the fastest runners and has the ultimate ability to reach the finish line
  • Supporter – When you have lots of friends in Ace Racer, it can be a good idea to give buffs to them. By giving buffs to your friends, you can increase their ultimate charges.
  • Interceptor – The Interceptor is the first step in the race. It’s designed to disrupt the enemy side by side, making it much easier to disturb him.

Ace Racer Tier List August 2023

You can check the full tutorial of Ace Racer game Tier List.


Below you can check the complete Tier list of Speedster:

  • (Strong) S-Tier: Infiniti Prototype, Zen, Shining, Nissan GT-R Nismo, Motoracer
  • (Good) A-Tier: Blade, Buggati LVN, Excalibur, McLaren P1, Rocketfox, Porsche 911 GT2 RS,
  • (Average) B-Tier: Aston Martin DB11, BMW M8 GTE, Ford GT, BMW M4 Racingc


Here you can check the complete Tier list of Supporter:

  • (Strong) S-Tier: Zepyhrus, Catalyst, Mini JCW, Singularity, Aston Martin Vanquish
  • (Good) A-Tier: Juggler, Ether, Volkswagen I.D. R
  • (Average) B-Tier: Volkswagen Beetle, Ford Focus RS


Check the full Tier list of Interceptor:

  • (Strong) S-Tier: Helios, Disruptor, Faraday
  • (Good) A-Tier: Ford Mustang, Ares, BMW i8, Lotus GT430
  • (Average) B-Tier: Link & Co 03

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