Creatures of Sonaria All Tokens Value List (2023 Updated)

Creatures of Sonaria All Tokens Value List

Hello everyone, we’re happy to provide the All Tokens Value List for Creatures of Sonaria. If you’re in pursuit of the value list for Creatures of Sonaria Tokens, you’re in the perfect place. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with a detailed explanation and a complete worth list of these fascinating creatures’ tokens.

If you notice a token absent from the Creatures of Sonaria Tokens value list that you believe should be included, kindly provide a comment below. We appreciate your comment, and we’ll be sure to incorporate those additional creatures into the Sonaria Tokens collection.

Creatures of Sonaria Tokens Value List

This price list will help you identify the top-performing tokens within the game. Tokens within this game serve the purpose of executing unique actions on creatures. Familiarity with the token acquisition locations is essential for every player. The in-game tokens trade also provides a means for players to gauge their precise value.

Here is a list of Creatures of Sonaria Tokens, keep Refreshing this page for the latest Tokens Trading Value List 2023 Updated.

Name Worth
Appearance Change Token 150
Full Mission Unlock Token ?
Full Mission Unlock Token 2k
Galaxy Exploration Token ?
Max Growth Token 500
Mecha Exploration Token ?
Monster Exploration Token 1k
Partial Growth Token 200
Partial Mission Unlock Token 250
Photovore Exploration Token ?
Random Gacha Spin Token 25
Random Trial Creature Token 75
Recode Token 2.8k
Revive Token 800-1k
Session Gacha Token ?
Storm Bringer Token 500
Strong Glimmer Token 250
Sweet Exploration Token 500-1k
Traveler’s Gacha Token ?
Weak Glimmer Token 150

Just to keep you informed, it’s important to note that token values are subject to fluctuations within the game. The table above showcases the current token valuations.

That concludes the current update for Creatures of Sonaria’s token value list. Be sure to bookmark this page, as it will be refreshed daily to provide you with the latest token information.

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