How to Get Stickers in Dice Dreams – Complete List of All Stickers

How to Get Stickers in Dice Dreams - Complete List of All Stickers

Hello, everyone. In today’s article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to get stickers in the Dice Dreams, along with a list of all the stickers. If you are searching for complete information about Dice Dreams Stickers, then this article is written just for you.

Are you also a fan of the Dice Dreams game like me, playing it all day long? If so, we’re quite similar! I’ve been playing this game for almost 3 years now, and I really enjoy playing it.

In the game Dice Dreams game, I earned a free roll and reward after successfully completing the sticker set. If you also want to get extra Rolls and XP for free, you need to collect sticker packs and the entire sticker set.

Without wasting your precious time let’s start the guide.

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About Stickers

Dice Dreams Free Stickers - How to Get Stickers (1)

Stickers are unique visual items that can be collected and traded within Dice Dreams. These stickers showcase various fun and colorful designs, each representing a specific aspect of the game. Collecting stickers not only adds a personalized touch to your gameplay but also allows you to earn free dice and rewards.

How to Get Stickers in Dice Dreams?

Stickers in Dice Dreams are primarily obtained from sticker packs, which come in various types. These packs contain different quantities of stickers and can be acquired through different means.

Pack Stickers
Common Pack Contains 2 Stickers
Golden Pack Contains 4 Stickers
Dream Pack Contains 8 Stickers
Guaranteed Set Sticker Pack Contains 4 Stickers

You can obtain these sticker packs through the following methods:

  • Events: Participate in in-game events to have a chance at winning sticker packs as rewards.
  • Treasure Hunt: While exploring the game, you might stumble upon sticker packs during Treasure Hunt activities.
  • Purchase with Coins: You can use in-game coins to buy sticker packs and expand your collection.

Sticker Trading

Dice Dreams also features sticker trading, allowing you to exchange duplicate stickers for ones you need.

  • Trade Duplicate Stickers: If you end up with stickers you already have when you open packs, don’t worry! You can swap those duplicates for stickers you don’t have yet. This makes it easier and quicker to finish your collection of stickers. Happy trading and collecting!

Dice Dreams Stickers List 2023 (Updated)



Beach Ball My First Castle
Summer Drink Royal Blacksmith
Sunset Snooze The Old King
Sun Chair Gold Hatchling
Tiki Hangout The New King
Floaty Fun Cliffside Castle
Lifeguard Hut Gold Dragon
Catching Waves Mystery Knight
Bay Watcher Honor and Glory


1001 Dice

Monster Egg Worker’s Hut
Trick or Treat Desert Oasis
Fortune Teller Runaway Carpet
Bad Moon Rising Sandy Sunset
Fuzzy Friend Lucky Lamp
Headless Honcho Sultan Statue
Haunted Mansion Arabian Night
Dark Wizard Belly Dancer
Mad Doc Orange Grinning Genie


Wild West

Message Drum Cowpeon Gear
Dream Catcher Rooty Shooty
Triple Shot Sal’s Saloon
Mystery Stew Dusty Mine
Lil Buffy Wanted Wendel
Teepee Tent Millie’s Mill
Totem Pole Frontier Station
Eagle Eye Prospector Pete
Great Chief Sheriff Smalls



Pink Lotus Lost Rum
Tiny Pagoda Shipwreck Treasure
Jade Dragon Pirate Cove
Sky Lanterns Treasure Map
Shrine Gate Seaside Den
Moon Festival Sea Spoils
Lucky Lung The Orange Pearl
Enlightened Ed Shore Leave
Ancient Emperor Pillage and Plunder

Stone Age


Primitive Hut Air Pnp
Mammoth Meat Bet on black
Plains Idol Shiny Skyscraper
Ivory Tent Sakura Tower
Lost in Time Colored Cathedral
Ancient Art City of Love
Woolly Willy Sleepless City
Cube Inventor Mister Mime
Prehistoric Pete Selfie Story


Farm Life

Sun Calendar Plump Pumpkin
Ancient Staff Lassy’s Well
Twin Guardians Prized Crops
Solid Gold Idol Egg Champs
Aztec Treasury Big Red
Grand Steps Farmhouse
Serpent Shrine Scary Sam
Treasure Thief Farmer Frank
Crypt Looter Sturdy Sally

Fast Food


Cheesy Slider Green Tea
Bob the Bin Sushi Plate
Free Refill Shiny Shuriken
Fry Shack Cherry Blossom
Peon Fried Chicken Eastern Home
Shake Shed Lucky Neko
Wacky Don’s Temple Bells
Papa Peon’s Samurai Satoru
Dashing Daisy Ninja Shigeru

Final Words

In this article, we have explained how to get stickers in the Dice Dreams game and provided a complete list of all the stickers. We hope you have acquired both Golden Stickers and other stickers in the game. If you feel that we have missed adding any stickers to this list, you can inform us through the comments, and we will promptly update this article.

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