How To Defeat the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight (Full Guide)


Hollow Knight is full of action gameplay and while playing you’ll encounter several bosses. These bosses will come in your path to stop you from reaching your destination. So, in the final levels, you will go deep down into the ancient basin where there comes more evils. Furthermore, there will be a lot to uncover here but your main task will be to defeat the broken vessel in Hollow Knight. This article is mainly written to help you in this regard. Hence, give it a thorough read and know more about the game.


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Finding The Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight

It would be hard to find the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight because it lies deep on the west side of the ancient basin. So, this ancient basin is full of evils and bosses that will stop you from moving forward.

Therefore, to defeat the bosses you first have to find them and for that, you will need the crystal heart. It wouldn’t be possible to reach the bosses without passing the halls of spikes. Thus, this could be a bit more challenging for you. You can easily grab the crystal peak to get the crystal heart.

How to Reach the Ancient Basin?

There will be a city of tears in the game and passing through this you stop by the large chamber with flowery doors. Thus, there will be thousands of guards waiting for you there and when you move forwards there are lots of spikes waiting for you. It’s a trap for you to make you stay longer and don’t let you go towards the ancient basin down the hall.


So, following the spikes you will reach the tram station and you should keep moving forward until a hole comes. Therefore, without any further delay, you have to jump into the hole and it will directly open into the hidden stag station. This is the time when you will feel yourself near the broken vessel. Hence, you are quite near your final destination therefore, keep your morale high.

How to find the Broken Vessel?

Here comes the time to search for the Broken Vessel once you’ve reached the ancient basin. So, you shouldn’t stop moving ahead until the hall of spikes ends. Now there will come a bench but you have to provide 150+ Geo to get in. Therefore, it is necessary to open that bench and use the save Geo when the right time comes. This is the time when you finally unlock the crystal heart but beware anything could happen. Lastly, you should be very cautious because, in the end, the lethal spiky corridor will again come along your way.


Since you have reached near to your final destination you should keep moving ahead without being afraid of the spiky corridor. Thus, again there will come a hole on the left side and you have to jump into it again. You will find Mawleks here but don’t fight, rather keep running to grab the Broken Vessel.

Therefore, this might be harmful to you because defeating them can make you unlock a key but that doesn’t matter. After getting off the hole again, turn to the left side and break the wall where you can finally see the Broken Vessel waiting for you in the chamber.

Defeating the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight

Finally, the time comes to fight with the broken vessel and defeat it. If you are thinking that it might be easy for you then, you are completely wrong. So, this can be quite a big challenge for you to fight and defeat the broken vessel. It will take a lot of your energy and you have to do a major attack because the broken vessel is very strong plus aggressive. Furthermore, the broken vessel can cause you a lot of damage and you can easily heal with Quick Focus. You should try to nail the broken vessel as much as you can and it can increase your chances to win.


You should know that the broken vessel will have the command to give you six real attacks. Thus, you should have the charms set to absorb those attacks. Additionally, the meat attacks will leap once and they can overcome you while you’re trying to nail it. You can simply avoid the attack by jumping or moving in other directions.

Hence, there will come the spawn attack, the infectious attack, the swing attack, and many more. You have to be patient and persistent to pass through this tough situation. There are some jumping, dashing, nailing, bashing, and moving strategies that you can imply to overcome the strong broken vessel.

Perks of Defeating The Broken Vessel

If you are aiming to win the Monarch wings then, you should be very happy because now you can get them. So, after beating the broken vessel it would be way easier for you to get the Monarch wings. These wings would prove to be very helpful for you and you can unlock many features using them.

Furthermore, you can get the double jump and can get access to the filthy areas of ancient basins. Moreover, if you want to win the dream nail then, after defeating the vessel you can be the boss with the command of about 400 essences. 

Now you have got every information needed about defeating the broken vessel in hollow knight. So, if you want more posts like this then, keep visiting our site.

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