Subnautica Aurora Codes 2023: How to Access All Doors in Aurora

Subnautica Aurora Codes How to Access All Doors in Aurora

If you are a true gamer then, you must know about the Subnautica Aurora game which is quite popular among the young generation. So, the game is about hustling under the deep down bottom of the sea. You as the player get stuck in a spaceship called Aurora and your task will be to save yourself. Therefore, several doors are locked and you have to unlock them somehow using various strategies.

Thus, it’s quite an interesting gameplay and you will enjoy the whole voyage because it will be full of thrilling adventures. Now there must be some questions circulating in your head, how will you get to unlock the doors right? And what will be the advantages of opening these doors? So, I have come up with all these answers and in this review, you will get to know how to unlock every door in Aurora using code 2023.

Therefore, let me tell you that there are some magical codes that you can use to easily open the Aurora doors. In the meanwhile, you will instantly get unlimited rewards along with some secrets revealed that can be helpful for you. So, you need to keep screening this article till the end to know more about the codes and the ways to unlock the Aurora doors.

Let’s just begin.

Subnautica Aurora Codes How to Access All Doors in Aurora

Important Equipment to Find the Aurora Codes

These are some of the major equipment that you will need to find the aurora codes in the game. So, let’s have a look at what you need.

Radiation Suit

So, this radiation suit is the most important armor because you have to get near Aurora wearing this suit. You should know that without these metal and mesh radiation suits you cannot get easy access to the aurora door.

Laser Cutter

Here is expensive equipment and requires some diamonds to purchase it. The laser cutter helps you in making your way out of the aurora doors. So, you know that these are not normal doors and for that, you will need this laser cutter.

Propulsion Cannon

The propulsion cannon is the main tool to unlock the Aurora doors with the help of codes. While you will be on the way there comes multiple debris, scattering hurdles, and a lot more things. Thus, to clean your way from any kind of hindrance or enemy you will need these propulsion cannon blasts.

Repair Tools

This one is not very expensive but is a very helpful accessory that you will need in the game. So, these repair tools will help you in combating any undesirable situation. Thus, let’s suppose you will have to save yourself with the propulsion cannon or laser cutter but they are out of order. Now what will be your strategy? You will get these repair tools and make them functional again. That’s pretty simple.

List of Working Codes for Subnautica Aurora

Check the complete list of Subnautica Aurora:-

You can access the Lab Door after Redeem this code: Added on 19th June 2023

Aurora Lab Door Code

Use This code for Aurora Cabin No.1 Door Also Use for Cabin 2: Added on 16th June 2023

Aurora Cabin No.1 Door Code

Redeem this code only for access to the Captain’s Quarters Door: Added on 10th June 2023

Captain Quarters Code

Redeem Code For Cargo Bay: Added on 1st June 2023

Cargo Bay Code

Unlock the Robotics Bay Door after successfully redeeming this code: Added on 07th June 2023


Subnautica Aurora Codes Locations

  • 6666: You can find this code in PDA
  • 1869: You can obtain this code in Locker Room.
  • 2679: Code can be obtained on the radio as part of the story.
  • 1454: Code will be received on a PDA in the nearby hallway.
  • 6483: You can obtain this code in Prawn Suit Bay.

How to explore Aurora doors?

Now once you have got the required equipment to get the aurora codes then, you will get to explore the aurora doors. So, for some time the spaceship becomes your home and you will have to survive will the necessities like water, food, etc. There will be the need for a lot of energy and of course, tools to survive along with exploring the secretive doors. Thus, get deep into the sea after getting completely ready, and don’t ever let down your morale.

What danger will you encounter while searching for Aurora doors?

So, it would be probably the most important piece of information for the subnautica aurora players. You should be ready to face multiple dangers while playing the game. Thus, when you get deep down in the ocean then, you will get to know how dangerous the ship is. There will be enemies, pirates, hindrances, shocks, and whatnot. You will encounter the fire flames as well as the poisonous crab at the start.

But, you should not be worried about them because these are at the beginning level and you can handle it easily with smart moves. Now coming towards the next danger which will be radiation. So, you must claim the use of that radiation suit that we talk about. Thus, you will get to save yourself using the radiation suit and go near the Aurora doors. 

You should be ready for nuclear attacks, nuclear rooms, uranium reactors, and more. Hence, never forget to unlock the radiation suite before moving ahead in the game toward these lethal aurora doors.

How to open the Aurora doors with code 2023?

Finally, you will get the Aurora codes and manage to get near the doors, right? Here is the time to put these codes and open the doors. But wait, that might not be that much easy and for this, you will need patience. Thus, explore some aurora story areas and use the radio help to apply these codes. There will be various codes for different doors. Hence, apply one by one to crack the codes and the doors will open automatically.


Is the Aurora gameplay free for everyone?

Yes, it is completely free of cost and it is quite an adventurous voyage to play. Some crazy Aurora fans pay to buy the codes, the game is very suspicious and comes with new twists, etc. Additionally, the game is smoother to play and comes along with some free codes but not all of them are working.

Is this Subnautica a fictional game?

Of course, it is a fictional game but there may be some non-fictional parts as well. So, the game is completely for amusement and nothing else. Thus, you should enjoy the game rather than being serious about the story. But you should be very wise and careful while playing the game to reach the final destination.

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Final Words

All in all, now you have explored the Subnautica aurora codes 2023 and can easily open the doors to escape from the dangerous ship. It might remind you of the Titanic but there are many unreal scenes in this game. So, just get the game and enjoy the interesting gameplay with your friends.

If you want to know more about the game then, you can tell us and we’ll bring some more Aurora-related posts for you.

Stay tuned!

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