What is Team Castle Event in Coin Master? How To Participate?

Team Castle Event in Coin Master

If you are a Coin Master Game fan then, this post can be more interesting for you. Team Castle event in coin master is a special event that can be played in the form of a team. The event helps chase the best goals and gain raids plus booster attacks. In this guide, we have summarized what a team castle event in coin master is and how to participate.

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What should you know about the team castle event?

In the coin master game, it is very important to know about the team castle event. This is the most beneficial and the most crucial event in coin master. You get to enjoy multiple perks after entering and participating in it.


So, the whole event is about collecting pieces and joining them with a team to make a castle. 15 pieces will be required for this process and the players have to collect them beforehand. Additionally, many players cannot play because they enter in the middle of the game.

The team castle event helps you in regaining energy and coins. Every piece you collect will provide you with some extra rewards and coins. Thus, there is a lot to collect while participating in this event. The rule of this event is to begin when it starts. You cannot play it after the event gets started.

Tips To Get More Points In Team Castle Event

These are some of the important points you should remember while participating in the team castle event.

Instant attack

Here is the easiest tip with your instant attack on the enemy you get two points. Thus, there will be nothing difficult here and you get free cost coins plus points.

Raid points

This is similar to the attack but here the points are more. Yes, with the raid you get four points which are double the attack points. In addition, if you get successful in a raid then, there are chances of getting five points.

Free links

The free links for getting the spin multiplier are another way to collect amazing free points. So, you can get unlimited extra points with these free links for a spin.

How to participate in the team castle event?

The coin masters players are instructed to participate in the team castle event by following the menu. So, you can select the event from the menu and can start it even with your friends. There are more than 15 prizes that you can win here.

You don’t have to be worried about the events’ rewards because there are many to collect. The event is offering chests, spin, emotes, coins, ultra attack boosters, cards, and much more. There is another thing you have to keep in mind. So, the important thing is that you should have a level 90 village to play it.

Additionally, there is a huge grand reward that you can get after completing the whole event successfully. The grand prize could be in the form of spin, coins, or more.

Important Notice:

There are some secrets that you should know about this team castle event before playing. So, the thing is that you have to invest about 4-5 items here to buy something. Another shocking thing is that there is no reliability of getting rewards in return. Thus, try to manage it with your team so that there will be less loss.

The players have to be very cautious while playing this event and invest their coins wisely. Try to coordinate with other members and donate after divining. This can lower the burden and increase the chances of a win.


On the whole, the team castle event in Coin Master is very exciting and fun to play in a team. It is very easy to participate in the event and there are multiple gifts present here as well. But there are some conditions and rules to follow.

So, if you are fine with the rules and regulations then, you should go for it. In addition, you can get extra points, levels, and more in case you win. We should recommend you never give up and give it a try at least.

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